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About Us

FAJ Consulting is the most comprehensive consultancy for corporate decision makers during the boost of the Indonesian economy to become a global power players and the empowerment of Indonesian companies going global and international companies entering Indonesia.

Established in 2019 by Fajria Ratnawati, with a Registered Accountants as our flagship firm, she is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FAJ Consulting (“FAJ”). Our experts have over 10 years of experience in the field audit, accounting, governance, risk and control, fraud and other area of management consulting and advisory.


FAJ brings together the most knowledgeable experts and has unique mix of experts that work closely together to provide the best results. By integrating experts and collaborative cross-disciplinary teams that understand internal and cultural processes of doing business in Indonesia. Our education and experience in Indonesia while working with international multinationals have given us insights in global markets while have reputation in Indonesia to be reliable partners.


With Indonesia to become the 4th largest global economy, we see, the opportunity and need for decision makers to build sustainable businesses in Indonesia.


Develop a comprehensive service for corporations and enterprises to monitor their financial that saves money and develops transparency.

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